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Europe has always been a long-term journey, an ongoing experiment in political imagination that is never quite complete. As Europe heads to the voting booths, we stand on the brink of a new future. It is the time to ask ourselves: Are we on the right pathway? What future are we building for our children and grandchildren? In this age of climate change, rapid digital transformation, geopolitical uncertainty, and environmental destruction, what legacy do we want to leave behind?

Dive into the latest news, explore our insightful blog posts, and join us in our campaign for a EU #FitForFutureGenerations.

Spotlight on

Cross-party support for Future Generations agenda

A coalition of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from the four main political groups has issued a joint open letter calling on the European Council to prioritise the rights and interests of future generations in the upcoming political cycle. The MEPs express concern that these rights are not adequately ensured in the current EU decision-making processes and propose the  adoption of the asks of the Future Generations Initiative to address this.

The signatories are MEPs Damian Boeselager (Greens), Saskia Bricmont (Greens), Carlos Coelho (EPP), Ciarán Cuffe (Greens), Anna Júlia Donáth (Renew), Peter Liese (EPP), Francisco Guerreiro (Greens), and Alessandra Moretti (S&D). Read the letter here.

Future Generations in the Media

All the European Political Parties want a EU #FitForFutureGenerations

For the first time ever, all the Euromanifestos contain a reference to the interests of future generations as an element to be taken into consideration, a new research conducted by The Good Lobby says. Read more here.

Upcoming events

  • Who will be running Europe? Unpacking the EU elections results

When and Where: Online event organised by The Good Lobby – 11 June 12h00-13h00 CEST

More info: By 11 June, all results will be in. This will allow us to begin evaluating what political coalitions will be possible in the next EU parliament and envision what the EU may soon look like. After an initial analysis by Professor Alberto Alemanno, the session will be highly interactive, with participants’ Q&A. This is meant to be a first discussion with civil society on the impact of the outcome of the elections on the years to come.

More information and registration

  • Beyond the Ballot: Unpacking the EU Elections for Intergenerational and Climate Justice

When and Where: 14 June 2024 from 9:00 to 13:00 CEST at the Info Hub (Esplanade Solidarność 1980, 1050 Brussels) and online

More info: Five days after the European Parliament elections, Generation Climate Europe is bringing together civil society, EU institutions, national representatives and youth organisations to discuss how the outcomes of the EU elections will shape intergenerational and climate justice in the future of Europe.

More information and registration

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