All the European Political Parties want a EU #FitForFutureGenerations

For the first time ever, all the Euromanifestos contain a reference to the interests of future generations as an element to be taken into consideration, a new research conducted by The Good Lobby says.

Although it is possible to distinguish different levels of commitment, the Euromanifestos demonstrate a clear cross-cutting intention to foster a forward-thinking approach within the EU’s decision-making model. 

Some of the policy areas/issues highlighted in relation to future generations are: pensions, social security, demography, climate change, employment, education, housing, child poverty, youth participation, sustainability, technologies and innovation.

But the question is: will these aspirations materialise into effective change? 

The encouraging statements present in the Euromanifestos seem to be not supported by sufficient proposals and tools. The lack of specificity and concreteness may hinder the translation of positive intentions into actionable outcomes.

Our Manifesto provides three concrete policy proposals aimed at ensuring the representation of future generations in the EU decision-making process.

Take a look at The Good Lobby’s research to find out more about where European political parties stand.