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Welcome to the inaugural issue of #FitForFutureGenerations!

While the coalition keeps growing with new members and supporters, we’re thrilled to bring you some relevant updates regarding Future Generations.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that climate protection is a human right, paving the way for climate litigation against nearly 50 governments and emphasising the need for a sustainable future for all generations. Learn more here.

Dive into the latest news, explore our insightful blog posts, and join us in our campaign for a EU #FitForFutureGenerations.

Spotlight on

The UN moves towards adopting a ground breaking Declaration on Future Generations at the upcoming Summit of the Future in New York on September 22-23, 2024. This inclusive process aims to turn longstanding commitments into concrete actions, ensuring the interests of future generations are integrated into global decision-making.

The zero draft of the Declaration on Future Generations is available here.

Future Generations in the Media

  • Scotland is following in the steps of Wales, looking to introduce a Future Generations Commissioner.  Explore the insights of Derek Walker, the present Future Generation Commissioner for Wales, regarding the implications of these reforms for Wales and their potential impact on the wellbeing of Scotland.Check out the article here
  • Check out how climate-smart farming techniques are helping small communities at the climate frontlines to secure their livelihoods. With the support of Concern Worldwide, Kosimasi, a fish farmer in Malawi, managed to adapt to the new climate reality and explains how important it is to realize we are all interconnected. Check out the article here
  • A podcast discussion by the European Journal of International Law on debating the questions: Do We Have a Responsibility toward Future Generations? Listen to the podcast here.
  • A study conducted by the team of Gustav Agneman from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim on how already thinking about the generations to come results in increased intergenerational altruism and leads to bigger support of climate policies in the present. More about the study here. 
  • Read about the adoption of the Global Youth Declaration on Environment, which is among the major outcomes of the second Global Youth Environment Assembly held in Nairobi between 17-18 Feb, 2024. The demands presented include the need to 1. institutionalise the principle of intergenerational equity within environmental governance, 2. the need to base political decisions on scientific data and 3. the inclusion of young people in the decision making processes. More about the topic here

The history of caring for Future Generations

The ZOE Institute for Future Fit Economies conducted a study on the history of the movement to care for future generations, since ancient times to the present day.

Based on research on the key events, milestones and developments of the movement to protect future generations, they identify how this historic movement has unfolded in distinct ‘waves’. ZOE also project into the future the next steps to take the protection of future generations to the next level. Read more here.

Upcoming events

Philea’s Futures Philanthropy initiative and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies will launch “Futures Philanthropy: Anticipation for the Common Good”, the first collaborative endeavour to translate foresight into the context of European philanthropy, online on 2 May. More info and registration here.

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