On February 21st, we inaugurated our campaign at Atelier 29 in Brussels. This hybrid event captivated an audience of over 150 attendees. Filipe Martins, SJ, the director of JESC, and Alberto Alemanno, the founder of The Good Lobby, unveiled the core motivations and objectives steering our coalition. Béla Kuslits, the Senior Ecology Officer at JESC, presented our trio of policy proposals:

  1. An Interinstitutional Agreement safeguarding the rights of Future Generations.
  2. The appointment of a Commissioner for Future Generations, serving also as Vice President.
  3. The incorporation of a Future Generations Impact Assessment within the Better Regulations Guidelines.

Following these insightful introductions, a panel discussion featuring eight coalition members delved into the social and political hurdles confronting our campaign. The dialogue highlighted the varied insights coalition members contribute to this advocacy endeavor, with a special focus on the pivotal role of youth organizations.

The event concluded with a networking reception, where engaging conversations with our guests sparked promising opportunities for broadening our collaborative efforts.

We invite you to view the recording of the entire event at the provided link.

Join us in championing our cause! Support our initiatives by endorsing our agenda on our website or by participating in coalition activities.

Event highlights